Celtic Bird Belt Buckle

Celtic Bird Belt BuckleCeltic Bird Belt BuckleCeltic Bird Belt BuckleCeltic Bird Belt Buckle

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A beautifully designed and hand finished buckle with a design of 2 Celtic bird images at the sides and 2 swirling together towards the centre of the buckle with a 3 dimensional effect which rises out from the deep black buckle, a fantastic looking Celtic buckle which was derived from Celtic art - associated with the people known as celts which covered a huge expanse of time.

Celtic usually refers to the culture of the European Iron Age from around 100BC onwards. Hand finished in the USA.

What size do I need when ordering a belt?

When when you purchase your belt we need your external waist measurement. This is the measurement for the belt to fit over any garments that you will wearing it with.

Usually this adds at least 2 inches to your normal waist size, however for the best results measure an existing belt from the pin in the buckle to the hole that you wear the belt on. Use the resultant measurement to order your belt.

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